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Technology and the world are changing each and every day, and we are preparing our kids for a world that we can’t even imagine yet.  In order to make sure they are prepared to live and compete in the future, we need to provide the best tools and learning environments possible. 

Recognize the value of public education at all levels.
Support our schools.
Work to create opportunities for our students.


As your voice in the legislature I will:


Iowa's teachers give their best to each and every child that comes through their door and we need to make sure these teachers are given the support and the resources to help every Iowa student succeed.  


Health care is a critical need that not all Iowans have equal access to and many of our smaller communities are losing their local health care services.

Lack of services for mental health care is an ongoing crisis in our state.
According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, over 1.8 million people in Iowa live in a community that does not have enough mental health professionals.  Listening to Iowans and our medical professionals, I have heard story after story of people sitting in emergency rooms and jail cells because of the lack of mental health services.

As your voice in the legislature I will:


Fight for health care and mental health resources for every Iowan.

 We need to find ways to encourage and recruit mental health professionals to come to and stay in Iowa. We must do more to get Iowans the health care and mental health service that are so desperately needed. 


75% of Iowa’s EMS services are volunteer based.  While these volunteer services are absolutely essential to emergency medical coverage, it’s not enough.  Iowans are dying because when they call 911, there may not be an ambulance or medical personnel available to come to them.  We need to help with state funding into the communities and counties so they can hire personnel to staff our more rural departments.

Work toward real solutions to address our rural EMS and rural health care needs.

As your voice in the legislature I will:


Options such as supplementing funds to schools for career centers focusing on EMT education and incentives for new graduates to work in underserved areas could  encourage more people to pursue a career as a paramedic/EMT and help built the EMS field more quickly.


In order to continue to provide opportunities for Iowans, and to grow our tax base, we need to continue to attract businesses to our state.  We can promise free land, we can promise tax breaks, but the bottom line is that if a company cannot find enough staff, they are not going to locate here.  So the question becomes, how do we keep our young people in Iowa and convince more people to make Iowa their home?  We need to make sure that our natural resources, our amenities, our state attractions are here, and that they are what people want. People are looking for trails, rivers and streams, entertainment venues, and other things to keep their lives rich.  We need to continue to support, and go further to fund these amenities.

As your voice in the legislature I will:


Push for solutions to our workforce crisis and real plans for our economic future

As a legislator, the most important job is to make sure that spending is controlled, and that waste is minimized so that our dollars are spent efficiently.  We need to support our small and local businesses, our local farmers, our health care workers, our teachers, our first responders, our kids, our elderly, the tradespeople and workforce that keep Iowa moving, and every Iowan in between.  Making sure to listen to the constituents of District 76 and all of Iowa is my first priority, and making decisions with your bottom line in mind is the most important job of all.  

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